The creation and use of media content today is solidly in the digital realm. Organizations with strong digital strategies are flourishing in financial and cultural marketplaces. Organizations not acting now risk losing their relevancy and their investments, pulled down by workflow inefficiencies, lack of findability, frustrated users, and, ultimately, devaluation and loss of assets. Making the choice to invest in the necessary policies and systems for digital media management will help ensure continued viability and usability.

To help organizations address the challenges of moving into digital workflows and digital preservation strategies, AVPS has developed the Reactivate Data Solutions package, a set of four inter-related or stand-alone services in support of digital media collections.

Control – Describe & Share
For organizations looking to strengthen the structure and generation of metadata in order to facilitate more efficient sharing of information, use and management of assets, or integration with distribution platforms. Along with development of new metadata schemas and extension of existing schemas to address more complex audiovisual asset needs, we also offer value-added services such as creation of data dictionaries, vocabularies and taxonomies, time-based descriptive tagging, analysis and extraction of embedded metadata for automated record creation, and other supporting resources which are integral to powerfully leveraged data sets.

Movement – Migrate & Transform
For organizations with existing data sets or digital collections that are looking to improve usability and accessibility by moving to new systems, standards, and data management policies. Whether sourced from paper, text, spreadsheet, databases, or other electronic formats, we systematically map and transform your metadata to its new model, analyzing syntax and structure to minimize semantic loss and conform data to new vocabularies or syntactical rules. The associated digital media is identified, packaged with its metadata, and organized into a centralized or more findable location. We can also help develop workflows or utilities to assist with ingest, extraction, embedding, and data exchange.

Functionality – Select & Implement
For organizations with the need to implement a new asset management software solution in order to increase or improve distribution, sharing, and management of their assets. We help identify and implement the correct set of collection management or digital asset management systems by thoroughly evaluating the organizations needs and developing an actionable set of requirements. We help implement systems from the enterprise level down to the project level.

Archive – Preserve & Store
For organizations planning long term digital preservation solutions for their born digital or digitized analog assets. We review requirements and existing infrastructure in order to develop networked and hierarchical storage strategies, organizational policies, model repository systems, and digital preservation workflows. We craft tailored, standards-based workplans, guidelines, file management and data integrity tools, and other solutions for successful and long-lived digital archives.

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