Vito Acconci, a renowned New York based architect and installation artist maintains a multi-media archive containing his many decades of work product. AVPS works with Vito in the development of a preservation strategy for his films, videos, and sound recordings, and we assist him in preparing his legacy works for museum and gallery exhibitions.

The challenges faced in working with these materials are in principle the same as those in traditional art conservation, however the solutions required for dynamic media are dramatically different from those which apply to traditional works of fine art

  • Challenges
  • Vito Acconci possesses works which have been produced using media and machines which have become obsolete. These works are well-known, admired, and are sought out for exhibition or sale. Moving image and sound preservation and access within this context presents issues in the areas of content discovery, source selection, playback, and storage.

    Even though Vito Acconci has developed an ad hoc manual system for content discovery, it still requires the artist to discern with exactness which recorded material coincides with other multi-media objects (static or dynamic), which version is the master, which version is the “best copy”, and what are the solutions to inevitable difficulties present in their playback. In addition, determining how disparate types of connected multi-media objects are stored for future access when their storage environment requirements differ requires effective metadata collection, and storage planning.

  • Solutions
  • AVPS provides assistance to Vito Acconci Studio by helping the artist to work with his content. Our audio, video and film preservation experts sit with the artist and playback his materials so that the issues of degradation or loss can be successfully countered with least intrusive and most effective means available. While the artist has knowledge of what he has created, AVPS provides expertise in areas that the artist may not be familiar with.

    We get the benefit of having the living artist present when critical choices need to be made with regard to their original intent while we are working with the media. We then provide the content to the artist, museum, or gallery in the format recommended for that particular exhibition, and insure that the artist has a preservation master, and working copy for their archive. We also perform entire or partial collection assessments for the purposes of planning and raising funds for future preservation activities.