Working with Hannah Frost, Preservation Librarian for Digital and Media Collections at Stanford University, we planned and designed a full scale moving image and sound preservation lab. Our work included facilities planning, equipment specification and installation, budgeting, staffing, workflow development and data management systems. Services of the lab encompass inspection, cleaning & repair, reformatting, and cataloging of media and content residing in various Stanford University collections.

  • Challenges
  • The ability to work with a number of different audiovisual formats, including: acetate discs, ¼” audio tape, DAT, VHS, Umatics, Betacam, and more.

    The need to maintain preservation quality reformatting operations sufficient to handle the large amount of holdings represented by Stanford University Libraries and Archives.

    Need to phase resource allocation over a number of years while working from a master plan.

  • Solutions
  • Detailed recommendations and budgets for equipment, hardware, and software required to manage and perform preservation work.

    Recommendations on preservation and access file formats and resolutions and their associated bandwidth and capacity requirements.

    Consultation on workflows, staffing, & facility design.

    Training in audiovisual preservation practice, procedures, & documentation. Incorporated a phased implementation to accommodate resource allocation while also allowing for immediate start to work.