New York Public Radio is America’s premier public radio franchise. WNYC is the nation’s most listened to public radio station and one of its oldest broadcasters with a history dating back to 1924. WQXR is the New York area’s only full-time classical music station, continuing a tradition of music programming begun in 1936. Together their extensive archive is an invaluable resource used daily by in-house producers and provides historical and educational content to listeners via the website. Working with Director Andy Lanset and the rest of the Archives team, AVPS is developing systems that simultaneously make legacy collections more available to production staff and better enable archiving of new productions.

  • Challenges
  • Increase accessibility to WNYC’s metadata and media collections across the organization.

    Develop and integrate the Archive database with Broadcast and Web content management systems.

    Increase efficiency in cataloging and searchability to facilitate use of data.

  • Solutions
  • Developed Archive collection management system conforming to PBCore standard and migrated legacy data after mapping to updated schema.

    Created web-based interface to Archive collection management system, providing centralized search and retrieval, faceted browsing, and management capabilities.

    Developed bidirectional integration of Archive system with DAVID broadcast systems and in-house Web content management system.