Just as they have lead the way in shaping the conversation around art and art appreciation in the modern age, MoMA is at the forefront of establishing best practices and processes for the conservation and management of complex digital artworks. Working with Media Conservator Glenn Wharton, AVPS is helping MoMA develop the first digital conservation repository in the world for museum-based fine art collections.

  • Challenges
  • Increasing number of born-digital art works being acquired in all curatorial departments, including single- and multi-channel video, graphics and images, and complex software-based works.

    Increasing number of physical media art works in the collection face exhibition and preservation challenges due to obsolescence and other technical factors.

    Lack of technologies at the museum to support necessary digital conservation activities including detailed documentation and storage of digital artworks.

  • Solutions
  • Performed a detailed technical survey of file-based holdings and reported on issues as basis for immediate response and planning.

    Established functional and technical requirements for a digital conservation repository, informed by stakeholders within the museum and external expert advisors.

    Guidance in selection and development of technology for integration with existing core systems to fulfill the digital conservation repository requirements.