The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is a conceptually groundbreaking heritage institution, educating the public about the history of immigrant life in New York’s Lower East Side and acting as a means to promote understanding of the immigration experience in America today. Working with Collections Manager Derya Golpinar, AVPS helped develop a preservation plan for making the Museum’s rich audio collection more accessible to researchers and other Museum departments.

  • Challenges
  • Establishing a budget and work plan for digitization of the audio collection with minimal documentation of content or condition of materials.

    Making content more findable and more useable for exhibitions, educational materials and researchers.

  • Solutions
  • Designed an inspection/cataloging form and process for completion of a full collection inventory performed over a short period.

    Identified a significant number of duplicate or out-of-scope materials that did not require preservation efforts, thus reducing future costs. Identified a subset of materials with high condition risk or high curatorial value for more immediate reformatting.

    Mapped collected data to the Museum’s collection management system. Records were immediately used by researchers and the Educational department to discover materials and request access.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum’s collaboration with AVPS was funded by a grant from the GRAMMY Foundation®.