PBCore Instantiationizer

Download the Mac version of  PBCore Instantiationizer 1.2 here.

To use PBCore Instantiationizer simply drag media files onto the application’s icon and PBCore Instantiationizer will generate XML documents next to each input file in the form of a PBCore 1.2.1 instantiation element. Find more information about the development of this tool at our blog post PBCore Instantiationizing.

Download the XSL file here (with dependencies of mediainfo and xsltproc).

Please send any comments or suggestions to [email protected].

**Version 1.2 Update Notes**

PBCore Instantiationizer version 1.2 offers:

– Improved user interface design

– New options for user-defined levels of verbosity, allowing  reporting of annotations in the Use field

– Support for the most recent version of MediaInfo, 0.7.33. (See the MediaInfo change log at for further details.)