How well equipped is your organization to protect your digital investment?
Digital assets are often an organization’s most valuable resource—and their most at risk. Whether your business creates and manages video, audio, images, text, or datasets, it is critical that those assets are safe, secure, and readily available for use now and into the future. Organizations have invested heavily in creating and storing digital assets for business and legal purposes. Realizing the potential of those assets requires a reliable structure for ensuring optimal maintenance, security, and usability, whether the materials are generated by broadcasters, bankers, librarians, engineers, or scientists.
AVPreserve offers audit and strategic planning services towards compliance with existing international standards and guidelines concerning the operational, technical, and legal management of digital materials. Our services will equip your organization with a roadmap for ongoing maintenance and delivery of your valuable assets. We will help ensure that the immediate, near, and long term investments you have made and will make are protected.
AVPreserve performs comprehensive audits of current infrastructure related to data management, security, and sustainability. The audit consists of a series of stakeholder interviews, a review of existing workflows and technologies in the content lifecycle, and an analysis of documented policies and protocols. Based on criteria specified by standards and guidelines, the audit will provide an objective, unbiased snapshot of your current proficiencies in digital asset management, security, and usability and measure your compliance with best practices.
Preservation Risk Assessment
In order to identify where resources and changes are needed, AVPreserve will complete a preservation risk assessment of the current technological, organizational, and operational infrastructure, as well as any external factors affecting immediate and long term maintenance and usability of digital assets. A thorough risk assessment in conjunction with an audit will inform planning, prioritizing, and optimization of your operational and technological needs.
Strategic Planning
The ongoing maintenance and sustainability of digital collections are critical commitments an organization must make a priority. AVPreserve provides comprehensive resource estimates and budgeting for implementation and support of infrastructure for data management and use of assets. We work to provide a clear and concise path towards sustainable operations that communicates the organization’s needs to all stakeholders at your organization, from IT to executives.