April 1, 2014

New Cloud Storage Vendor Profiles

Following up on our recent white paper Nine Things To Consider When Assessing Cloud Storage, AVPreserve is pleased to announce the release of our first three Cloud Storage Vendor Profiles researched and complied by Consultant Seth Anderson. Part of our Feet on The Ground: A Practical Approach to The Cloud initiative, these profiles break down the offerings of third party cloud storage providers from a preservation point of view. Assessment points include Data Management, Reporting/Metadata, Redundancy, Accessibility, Security, End of Service, and adherence to the NDSA’s Levels of Preservation. With many of the preservation decisions to make when dealing with audiovisual and digital media, there are not a lot of cut-and-dried, one-size-fits-all answers. There are options, the selection of which depend greatly on what the goals and capabilities of your organization are, as well as what level of vigilance or of risk you are willing to take on. Our hope is to provide organizations with information that will help them in that decision making process.

The initial offerings in our Cloud Storage Vendor Profiles include Chronopolis, EVault, and Amazon Glacier. There is also a Key to reading profiles available. We will continue to add profiles in the coming weeks and update existing profiles as the market and offerings change. The Profiles and many other informational resources can be found on our Papers & Presentations page.

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  1. Jon Tilbury says:

    This is an interesting comparison, but aimed at the storage part of the OAIS model. Will you be reviewing products such as Preservica that are full implementations of the OAIS Reference Model?

    • Josh says:

      Thanks for the comment, Jon. Yes, our next round of profiles will include Preservica along with DuraCloud and PermiVault. And you’re right, these first ones do focus more on the storage part because that is what the services primarily provide, but we will point out the extra services that Preservica provides such as SIP creation and obsolescence monitoring of AIPs which are more geared towards a larger structure of digital preservation. That’s part of the impetus in doing this project — if your IT department has only heard of Glacier and likes the low costs, as an archivist you have to be able to say, “Yes, in this case that service will be okay” or “No, look, we need to be able to do these other things to protect our data and this other service provides them in addition to the storage.”

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