February 15, 2010

In Media Res #1 — Scratch Cassette

Here at AudioVisual Preservation Solutions we scour the world for microtrends so you don’t have to. More efficient access to YouTube time-wasters means more things to waste time on.

This week, cassette scratching from France.

A little of the first goes a long way, but check out the unhousing of a tape about a minute in on this next one.

Sigh. Another example of feeling one’s age through the familiar becoming retro nostalgic chic.

Joshua Ranger
(Thumbs up to for pointing these out)

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  1. Sarah says:

    I never thought of doing any of this INTENTIONALLY!


    • Josh says:

      Ha ha! Well I don’t know…Maybe this means we can treat things with greater impunity. Or at least chalk up any miscues to artistic expression.

  2. Rad! I love the use of the rotary phone dial.

  3. For further tape manipulation madness, you should really check out Brooklyn’s own, Nonhorse:
    I’ve seen him a few times in the local ‘noise scene’, or what have you, and once you get past the novelty, it is quite enjoyable/mind opening…

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