AudioVisual Preservation Solutions — International JTS-Setters

By May 3, 2010News

The Joint Technical Symposium 2010, Digital Challenges and Digital Opportunities in Audiovisual Archiving, has kicked off in Oslo, Norway, and AVPS is there. David Rice and Chris Lacinak, along with Richard Wright of the BBC, will be discussing Migration of Media-Based Born-Digital Audiovisual Content to Files on Tuesday, May 4th.

After Chris gives a lay of the land of the challenges involved in conceptualizing and preserving these hybrid formats within the the context of audiovisual archiving, David and Richard will present real life case studies where innovative approaches and solutions were developed to manage migration schemes. David’s presentation will include the initial findings from some controlled experiments he has been performing on the capture of miniDV tape using variable hardware and software configurations. Enabled by DVAnalyzer, David has been able to run comparative analytics on the error rates and bit structures in the data streams of multiple captures of the same tape. The early results are fascinating and the planned further testing looks to be equally revelatory and instructive. Keep an eye on for further details on David’s testing and for future updates to the DVAnalyzer tool.

Richard’s presentation promises to be highly instructive as well, as he discusses three separate tape-to-file migration decisions and outcomes implemented at the BBC. The migration of media-based born-digital content presents a number of scenarios that are dependent on parameters of the source original and of the ultimate goals for the use of the resulting file, and Richard gives an excellent outline for the decision making process. Follow the developments at PrestoPRIME ( for future release of Richard’s report and for essential guidance on audiovisual preservation.