SAA AV Archives Night Wrap Up
August 19, 2014

Thanks to everyone who made the First 1st Annual AV Archives Night party a success, both the archives who contributed content (program is available here ) and all of you who came out in support of the great work these archives do to preserve the audiovisual record. It was a spectacular collection of ... read more

The Things We Do #2 – Interview with Consultant Kathryn Gronsbell
July 31, 2014

The second in our "The Things We Do" series highlighting our great team at AVPreserve. In this edition, an interview with taxonomy pro and New Jersey native, Kathryn Gronsbell. Josh Ranger: So how long have you been at AVPreserve? Kathryn Gronsbell: I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary in September of when I started ... read more

Making African Academic Resources Accessible
July 30, 2014

Audiovisual preservation is a global concern. Yes, there is very much a local or personal flavor to it, with the widespread existence of regional archives, historical societies, institutional collections, and oral histories or homes movies well beyond large research repositories. However, when we look at the scale of the work to be done and the ... read more

Comparing NDSA Levels Rankings Across Cloud Storage Vendors
July 18, 2014

Seth Anderson has been compiling a series of cloud storage vendor profiles over the past year with an analytical focus on the suitability of cloud storage as a preservation environment. As the amount of digitized and born digital material archives must manage grows, the pressure from administrators to find affordable solutions for file-based ... read more

The Things We Do — Catalyst Item Level Inventory
July 15, 2014

As a consultant I can't say that I do direct conservation work, processing, or collection management to preserve and make accessible a collection. However, this is the type of thing I do, to develop solutions, collaborate, communicate, share experience with organizations, or manage resources to help them move to the next step of what they need to do. read more

Fixity and Filesystems: Enhanced System Monitoring via inodes
July 7, 2014

Fixity offers the unique capability of tracking file attendance as well as file integrity. Since a file's index location only changes when a file is deleted or moved to a new storage device, it can be used as a unique identifier for a file, no matter its location or name on a given filesystem.

Cost of Inaction Calculator
June 18, 2014

One of the big challenges in effectively advocating for archives is the struggle to quantify their value. Of course archives have a cultural and institutional value -- those are the easier arguments that we often fall back on -- but as I've written before, those are soft arguments that can lose impact over time ... read more

Seeking Diversity and a Unified Field
May 13, 2014

Let me restate that more simply: We need diversity, and we need to diversify. The responsibility for that is on organizational structures within the field (the workplace and professional organizations), but it is also on the individual self to attain or embrace that diversity... read more

We Do Not Preserve, We Sustain
May 1, 2014

So it's Preservation Week -- the true Old Home Week (ba-dum-dum!) -- and even though the P word is a part of our company name, I am predictably nitpicky (predictably, and perhaps wearisomely, at least to my office mates, the poor kids) of its use for this celebratory week. Now, of course, preservation is probably ... read more

New Paper on Embedded Metadata
April 9, 2014

Newly available on our Papers and Presentations page is AVPreserve President Chris Lacinak's paper Embedded Metadata in WAVE Files: A Look Inside Issues and Tools. Embedded metadata is crucial to managing digital assets, supporting activities as varied as making it easy to find and listen to music in iTunes, authenticating the source and ... read more

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